At Hills Fresh you will find a wide range of products that compliment our fantastic range of fresh fruit and vegetable and organic range of fresh produce.

We are proud to support Australian producers and promote their products in our store.  Below is a list of Australian suppliers and producers and you can click on their logo’s that will take you to their web page or facebook page to find out more about them, their stories and their products.  We strive to carry most of their ranges but we can’t guarantee that we do stock the full ranges, however, if there is anything that may interest you, please feel free to send us an email or come in and have a talk to our fantastic and friendly Managers.

Note:  We are still working on our web page and will continually update this page.

(Click on logo’s to take you to their web page for further information)


Range of Bone Broth and Cashew Milk located in Willoughby NSW.


ao  Range of Organic products from Taren Point, NSW


biologika  Range of organic Deoderants and Soaps from Riddels Creek, VIC


byron chia   Byron Chai Spiced Tea from Brunwick Heads NSW


byron bay chilli  Range of Chilli Sauces and Corn Chips from Byron Bay, NSW


chefs choice  Range of produce Organic and non organic products, located in Regent Park, NSW

christradchrishert  Chris’ Dips are made from Australian Produce, located in Thomastown, Victoria.  We are carrying the Heritage Range Flavours:  Blue Cheese, Fig & Pistachio, Goats Cheese & Black Truffle and the Cheddar & Caramelised Onion.  In the Traditional Range we are carrying:  Cheese & Chive, French Onion, Spicy Capsicum and Spring Onion.

gomex  New range of Gluten Free & Vegetarian Soft Taco kit and Enchailada kits from Burleigh Heads Qld are now available in store


dr superfood  Range of Super Fruits from Queensland



emma & tomsRange of Whole Fruit Smoothies, Life Bars packed with fruit, seeds & Nuts, Quenchers and Sparkling Fruit Juice.  Packaged up to give you 15% of your daily fibre requirement and 2 serves of fruit.  Located in Prahan Victoria.


good morning  Range of Breakfast Cereals that are Organic, Kosher Certified and are members of the HACCP from Queensland

kitz-livingLocated in Murwillumbah NSW Kitz Living Foods are a range of Raw products which we are stocking the Crispbreads and Coconut Dream Bars.  They have achieved their 2 goals, to have all organic ingredients and all composting packaging and they have achieved it.


living planet  Organic UHT Goats Milk from Drouin Victoria

madeby-cow    Made by Cow is made in Australia from local ingredients and uses Cold Pressed methods to remove harmful bacteria but retains more of milk’s natural nutrients than standard pasteurised milks.


mountain bread  A Range of Mountain Bread Wraps from Reservoir, Victoria


99th Money are nut butters that are dry roasted to bring out their natural oils.  There is no need to add anything else, leaving you with delicious minimally processed and ethically sourced homemade nut butter.  Located in Melbourne and sources Australian Ingredients.  No Palm Oil used.  Current range is Natural Almond Butter, Unsalted Natural Peanut Butter, Pastachio and Almond Butter and Salted Natural Peanut Butter.

pure harvest  Australian company that imports and produces a range of Organic, Natural and Super Foods, located in Praham, Victoria


qi   Range of Green and Ginger Organic Tea from Hawthorn, Victoria


riddlecreek  Range of Organic Tooth paste from Riddells Creek Victoria

sproutkernal   Located in Marrickville NSW these fabulous Tree nut cheeses are dairy free, gluten free, soy free and cruelty Free.  All vegan plant bassed goodness.  Non GMO product.


2die4  2 Die 4 is a range of Activated Organic nuts located in Byron Bay, NSW

yummis  Located in Hallam Victoria we carry a range of Gourmet Dips and Falafels